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    Brainwavz BLU-100 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Review

    Check out this great review from the guys over at Expert Reviews on our Brainwavz BLU-100 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones!

    The Brainwavz BLU-100 boasts style in a wireless Bluetooth capacity, taking audio listening to a whole new exciting level. Enhanced for audio quality and designed for easy mobility and tangle free hassle, the BLU-100 houses a micro 60mAh battery that will delivery 4 hours of continuous audio playback, 100 hours of standby and can be fully charged in under 2hrs. With a range of 30ft (10m), you can use the BLU-100 as close or as far away from your audio source with no disruption to audio quality or performance and what’s more no more long cables or tangles!

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    Brainwavz Krudul Duo Review

    Review on our Krudul Duo! Have you checked out our latest product: Krudul Duo, Earphone Management System? Here's what crabdog from Head-Fi had to say about them:
    Krudul Duo by Brainwavz, an earphone accessory made in two individual parts; Krudul Monitor and Krudul Vertical, used to store earphones in an inventive and creative way.
    Designed specifically as an earphone management system, the Krudul Duo allows convenient storage of earphones right by your monitor, desk space or workstation depending on which Krudul unit is used.
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    Brainwavz Hooka The All Metal Headphone Hanger Review

    Brainwavz Hooka - The All Metal Headphone Hanger Review from pickyear.com
    Hooka, by Brainwavz, is a compact, multi purpose hanger, made from die-cast aluminum and designed to fit most headphones of any weight. A solid construction means the Hooka won't loose shape and form whilst holding even the heaviest of headphones. The specially designed seat on the Hooka can accommodate both small and large headbands, whilst the raised tip will stop headphones falling off.
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    Brainwavz Zirconia Headphone Stand Recommendation

    Brainwavz Zirconia Headphone Stand: Recommendation from the guys over at BroBible.com
    Here's a little oldie but goodie on what video gaming accessories every Bro should be own from the guys over at BroBible.com with our Brainwavz Zirconia making it on their top 5!
    The Brainwavz Zirconia, a stylish headphone stand that will look good at home or in an office setting. The stand can accommodate large or small cup sized headphones with wide or narrow headphone bands.
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    Brainwavz M1 Earphones Review

    Brainwavz M1 Earphones review from TechSpot India!
    The Brainwavz M1 are a pair of sleek IEM (in-ear-monitor) earphones with high quality cabling and a soundstage that will leave your ears (and wallet) smiling. The M1 have a wide sound stage boasting accurate sound reproduction with good separation and, above all, maximum audio performance. Preserving exceptional sound quality from your audio source to your ears, the M1 uses high quality silver oxygen based cable which is both durable and lightweight.
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