Brainwavz B200 Review - by Headphonesty

by Prithvi Shenoy May 23, 2017

Audio blog site, Headphonesty, have just uploaded their review of our flagship B200 Dual Balanced Armature earphones, a great read, and also, we hope, a great introduction to Brainwavz for the reviewer.It seems they only knew of us for our popular range of after-market headphone pads.

Well, after reading the review its quite clear that, in this case, that less is better than More!! as the reviewer generally prefers our Dual Armature B200 to their triple driver buds, with a liking for our fit and isolation along with the warm sound and the "surprising" bass.

Full review here:

Prithvi Shenoy
Prithvi Shenoy

Mark Dawson - Website Manager | Blog Writer | Image Maker - Welcome to Brainwavz Audio

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