Micro Suede Earpads for Sony MDR-7506 / V6 / CD900ST

  • Brainwavz’s simple mission to provide exceptional quality in every single product we make. This set of headphone earpads is no exception. Designed by audio equipment masters, you’ll feel the difference in comfort immediately. So, replace those stock or worn out pads on your elite headphones with this fine pair.

    Brainwavz Sony replacement earpads using our latest, soft synthetic Micro Suede material, have been primarily designed to work on various Sony headphone models, such as the MDR-7506. These extra-comfy pads are pure indulgence, one of our softest and most comfortable pads to date. Micro Fibre is soft-to-touch and wear-resistant, making it the perfect material to use where comfort and resilience are needed.

    Completing the package we have Brainwavz best-in-class, hi-grade memory foam padding, giving un-matched support, superior isolation, longer pad life and more comfort than you will ever need.